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Cleaning pad for glasses - Vienna "Hofreitschule" SI302 Bag

SI302 Hofreitschule Bag Brille
SI302 Hofreitschule Bag BrilleSI302 Hofreitschule Sachet Brille
1,95 € per pack

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With our especially developed Screen!x cleaning pads for glasses you can clean your glasses and sunglasses gently and effectivly. Absolutely streak- and scratch-free! 

Our Screen!x cleaning pads for glasses remove greasy fingerprints, dust, dirt and even make-up residues easily and are perfectly designed to take-away. 

Additionally Screen!x cleaning pads for glasses are absolutely eco-friendly & safe for skin!


  • Blister Bag with 10 pre-moist cleaning pads for glasses - Vienna City Design "Hofreitschule"



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