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Disinfectant wipes SI440060 SI440060

SI440060 Set
SI440060 SetSI440060 BoxSI440 Sachet
25,60 € per pack

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Screen!x Disinfectant wipes - powered by Desinfect - have an antibacterial effect against all harmfull micro-organisms. Within only 60 seconds „Desinfect“ is able to reduce them to 99,9%. For all sectors of health care and industry, which require a high hygiene guarantee and for specific disinfection, which needs an advanced spectrum of effects.

Screen!x water-based Disinfectant wipes are pH-adjusted, free of colouring and of perfume!


  • WITHOUT alcohol
  • especially skin-friendly


  • Box with 60 Disinfectant wipes 18x13 cm



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